Our Homes

Harborlight Homes breaks the cycle of poverty. We create, preserve and manages affordable homes with supportive services for families, elders, those with disabilities, and those who are impacted by homelessness.

Homes for Families & Individuals

Affordable family homes for essential workers, low-earning families and those experiencing homelessness.

Homes for Seniors

Service-enriched homes for elders to promote community, engagement, and aging in place well and with dignity.

Supportive Homes

For those who may need additional support, we offer options with round-the-clock nursing care, or when appropriate, case management.

First Time Home Buyer

Located in Gloucester, these condominium homes are managed Cape Ann Community Land Trust.

Apply for Waitlist

Harborlight properties offer a universal application to place you on our waiting list for a home.

Open Housing Lotteries

Harborlight has open housing lotteries at this time. Apply today!