Housing Matters in 2013


Welcome to the first entry to HOUSING MATTERS , our HCP blog. Let’s start 2014 off with a positive look back of the progress made toward securing affordable housing on the North Shore for families and seniors in need. It is thanks to our HCP community of sponsors, donors, and volunteers that make this happen. To all of you:

Let’s look back at 2013 – thank you for all you did this year to make sure that fixed income seniors, people with disabilities, working families, and the homeless have a decent, safe, and affordable place to live in our community.

HCP supporters are the ones who made this happen – you made it possible for nearly 600 people in NINE communities.

You made it possible for frail, low income elders to have a warm generous home with on site social services to maintain dignity.

You made it possible for first time homebuyers to get into our difficult market.

You helped make it possible for homeless families to have homes in Gloucester and New Bedford.

You helped other non profits meet their mission (Action Inc, NSCAP, WIHED, MCHC, River House).

You are right now making Turtle Creek a warmer, safer, more attractive place to live.

You preserved Rockport High School Apartments for affordable housing for 100 years.

And just before Christmas, you helped a family move into a newly created affordable unit in Wenham (A Christmas miracle perhaps). The two little girls are going to enjoy a spacious apartment, a big yard and the ongoing benefit of a good, stable school.

Throughout the year – you are made the world a better place by making this community inclusive and accessible.

So please I am begging you! Feel good about this! But get some rest ¦.you will need it. We have a lot more mission to do.