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We are most grateful to our sponsors for their generosity and belief in our work.

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HCP Board of Directors

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Neiland and Priscilla Douglas

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Fairwind Lobster Co.

Leslie S. and Marcia C. Ray Foundation

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Charlestown Benevolent Fund, A DAF of The Boston Foundation

Charlestown Trust Fund, a DAF at TABCOM

Fair Wind Lobster Co.

Hunt Fund for Children, A DAF at The Boston Foundation

Friends of HCP

Kimberly Holliday

Mayor Michael Cahill

Citizens Inn

Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC)

First Baptist Church in Beverly

Glovsky & Glovsky

Olsen Lewis + Architects

The Life Initiative

Trent Lloyd

Robert Murphy

Dennis and Cynthia Shupp

Rep. Jerry Parisella

Peter Hersee

Deb Rosser

Bank Gloucester

William and Louise Scanlon

Greater Lynn Senior Services Inc (GLSS)

Hayden Systems

Judson and Lisa Reis

Carol Suleski and Arlene Sullivan

Northeast ARC

Peter and Joan Johnson

Jack & Sue Good

Gardner Mattress

First Church In Wenham

Constitution Financial Partners

Breen & Sullivan Mechanical Services

Senior Care