Community Partner Award: Neighbors of 5 Granite Street, Rockport

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Granite Street Crossing is slated to be a beautiful and well situated mixed-use project, fusing elder housing and family housing. The site at 5 Granite Street, Rockport is one of a former green house, no longer in operation, in this densely settled neighborhood. Where some saw an empty building HCP saw possibilities in using this lot for needed housing in a community where land is scarcely available. The kind of possibilities that stand a chance only if the community, and its neighbors, are willing to listen, participate, and support this vision.

The Granite Street Crossing Neighbors did just that. For more than a year prior to submitting a 40B application to the Zoning Board, the neighbors were willing to work with HCP. Over time, concerns around schematic design, architectural features, landscaping, fencing and more were heard by and resulted in changes which will make it a better project overall. This feedback was key to ensuring this will be development of which the neighborhood would be proud.

As the process grew closer to becoming a reality, many attended town meetings, raising questions and speaking in support of the project. The neighbors of 5 Granite Street had not only welcomed HCP into their homes, but had, collectively, opened their neighborhood, hearts and minds to the project and to those who will someday call 5 Granite Street home. How fortunate these future residents will be to have such kind neighbors who embody the spirit of welcome and inclusion. Granite Street Crossing would not be possible without this neighborhood collaboration and the support of the Town of Rockport.