Advocacy & Civic Engagement

Housing Advocacy is fundamental to the mission of Harborlight Homes. 

Harborlight supports fair housing policies and will actively resist any formal or informal housing discrimination. Within this context, in our quest to create economically accessible, community-rooted housing, Harborlight actively works toward influencing long-term change for sustainable housing at the micro level, such as specific households, and at the macro level, related to systems causing or exacerbating housing hardship and the associated decrease of opportunity for people of modest and limited means. 

The Resident Action Committee provides Harborlight’s residents with the opportunity to have a more organized public voice for themselves around affordable housing issues. 

The Housing Stewards Program provides housing advocates across the North Shore with education, resources, and information on ways to positively impact their communities. 

The Housing Institute run by Harborlight Homes are brief informative sessions providing local policymakers on the North Shore with opportunity to learn more about the logistical and technical aspects of housing policy and its impact on the community.  

The Dirty Deeds Project is a collaboration between Harborlight Homes, the NAACP North Shore Branch, and the Mapping Prejudice Project at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Resources for Housing Advocacy 

Be a force for change! How to advocate in your community:  

Files coming soon!

When you have a City Council 
At an Open Town Meeting
At a Representative Town Meeting
For Housing Development within MBTA Community Districts
For Local ARPA Funds towards Affordable Housing
Writing for your Local Newspaper